The Mourning Suns is the musical lovechild of writing partners, Anthony Williams and Rosemary Wilkes, who first met in 2007 at Dartington College of Arts, Devon. Although, since returning to Birmingham, the Devonshire and Cornish countryside has left deep impressions on them, and mentioning’s of the South West leave their music with honest imprints of times of beauty, growth and sorrow.

Wilkes’ poetry delves into the unknown and rests in an unsettling way over the cleverly crafted music, dreamt and fashioned by melancholies own Anthony Williams. Notable influences found subtly simmering in their musical inventions are Ryan Adams, Belle and Sebastian, Feist, Nick Drake, Kate Bush, The Modern Lovers, PJ Harvey, The Smiths, and Radiohead.

Over the past year they have created a wealth of beautifully dark songs, which are heading to transcendence with the help of their collaborators, Jason Butler and Ric Yarborough.

“Amazing…harmony infused original songs. Comparisons don’t do them justice, but think modern folk music, Kate Bush, St Vincent. Not to be missed.”

James Brough, George IV, Lichfield. 10/03/12.

“The Mourning Suns, they are from Birmingham, and I literally just heard them last week, and I pressed play on this song – and this was called Heavy Handed, and I thought wow, this is pretty morbid, this is pretty sad, this is pretty deep, but it was beautiful and it’s serene…The Mourning Suns really got to me that time, really loved it and when I heard it I was like a kid in a toy-store, pulling his parents around going ‘I want that one, I want that one…’ I heard The Mourning Suns and I was like, ‘I want them for my show’ so I emailed them straight away…”

Jack Parker’s New and Unsigned Show; first broadcast online, on Scratch Radio, Birmingham, 15/10/12 [6pm-8pm].